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Renowned figure in the realm of telecommunications solutions

Sritel Global is a renowned Global Telecom service provider working on the platform of IP and VoIP. We are working with our technology partners like Grandstream, Milesight, Sangoma, Dinstar, Fanvil,Yeastar who support us in offering innovative products and solutions for the premise or Cloud-based call center requirements.
We have own Dialer Service and CRM Service.We Provide service across the India.

We are professional Telecom service provider

As a professional telecom service provider, you likely offer a range of services related to telecommunications. Telecom services typically include voice and data communication, internet connectivity, mobile services, and various solutions for businesses and individuals.
As a telecom service provider, you may offer services such as:

Unified Communications:

Providing integrated communication solutions, including messaging, video conferencing, collaboration tools, and other unified communications platforms.

Telephony Solutions:

Offering telephony services, such as hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems, call center solutions, and other telephony-related services.

Consulting and Support:

Providing consulting services to businesses and individuals, helping them optimize their telecom infrastructure and offering technical support for various telecom services.


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